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Dare - The First City covers an area of 350 mu, has a total construction area of about 700 thousand square meters. The project is located at the junction of Jinling West Road and Fenghuang Road where a mature community life, developed public, traffic facilities, the surrounding facilities are available Project planning includes multiple property forms, such as French court villa, new classical high-rise, personalized business street, and great supporting with friendly children's community, intelligent community, green ecological community, international high-end service community, including Luojia Children's Theme Park, intelligent community, palm app "Ding Dong life", Royal maid service, multi-theme landscape gardens and others, which are the attracting spots of the project. Dare - The First City jointly creates the representative work of Danyang high-end luxury housing by collaboration with some noted firms, such as Tongji University Architectural Design Research Institute, L&A Design, Colliers International, Aidi Renhe, Run Chuang Institution, Nantong Sijian Construction and others. It is an one-stop system integrating prime locations, premium housings and better services alltogether, and actualize the concept of Danyang version "three good models of international community", and provides high-end residential experience for each of elites with good taste and pursuit, which is synchronizing with Europe and America.


    The world's top-tier partners

    Architectural design: Tongji University Design Research Institute, second firm to none in architectural design throughout China
    Landscape Design: L&A -- top-tier player in this industry, customizes the scheme of landscape garden;
    Property management: Colliers International, one of global five great property management enterprises
    Whole Agency: Aidi Renhe, the high-end residential experts
    Marketing: Run Chuang Institution, the domestic excellent marketing team, provides consultant service for the whole process;
    Powerful combination and unprecedented lineup build you 1st dream house.


    One city, thousands of dreams

    Wu Culture originated in Danyang 5000 years ago. The residents in this city with rich cultural traditions have their own lifestyles. Dare Global, known as an icon of global Danyang, has entered into the real estate industry, performing a magnificent turn! Latest masterpiece --- Central great living city of 700 thousand square meters is a new benchmark of cultural and enjoyable human housing.


    The chief ecological luxury housing

    World-class "central park style luxury housing" concept has provided the ecological green landscape covering an area of nearly one hundred thousand square meters. Urban villa --- it has carefully selected natural stone dry hanging facade, and the full-height living room, suite type master bedroom design, super large entry garden. Classic and elegant neoclassical high-rise foreign-style house, with a super large space between buildings, is equipped with 87-270m2 multi-area housing type, meeting the customers' different needs.


    The first “friendly children's” community

    With the forward-looking concept, it creates the first "friendly children's" community in Danyang: brand kindergarten where the next generations grow up internationally and win at the starting line; Luojia Children's Theme Park sets with the pirate ships, the tree houses, crawling, sand and other entertainment facilities, enabling the children challenge themselves in their own nature. Community Children’s Activity Center is a space where children can get close to communicate with each other and teaching through lively activities.


    "Cloud services" intelligent community

    The future science and technology can be enjoyed now. The advanced APP software can integrate the community activities, business consultation, property services and other information into one platform to facilitate you control in one hand;
    Intelligent community centrally integrates the functions from community one-card and parking management, to indoor intercom, security system and others, making access intelligent management be enjoyed.
    Five star intelligent security system and high-tech remote monitoring system can ensure that your life shall not be affected by the outside world upheaval and ensure a comfortable homeland all the time.


    Customized style "royal maid service"

    Colliers International, one of global five great property service enterprises, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, the United States, has 485 branches in 63 countries around the world. At the invitation of Dare, Colliers International brought top luxury housing service standards of New York, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo to Danyang for the first time, customizing "royal maid service" for Dare - The First City.
    Global supreme property service standards can be enjoyed in Danyang exclusively.

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